The Hamilton Conspiracy

andrew 1 51R6MT65ZEL._SX305_BO1,204,203,200_Arrogant, overweight and obsessive, Jack Gregory has had £20 million of his personal fortune filched from under his nose. Now he’s going to get it back, no matter what the risks to himself and his family; no matter who gets dragged into the firing line. Undeterred by threats of kidnap and ransom, the crew of his luxury yacht murdered, businesses up in flames and bankruptcy beckoning, Jack’s on the run. Ignoring his wife’s pleas, he hatches an outrageous plan to recover some of the lost millions. Its failure will end his already shaky marriage and guarantee him a permanent stay behind bars.But Jack Gregory’s always been a winner. Failure doesn’t figure in his world.Trouble is, this time, winning will be no guarantee of success. This time, Jack’s in a Catch 22 situation and doesn’t know where to turn. Like a blind bull, he’s rampaging on to a conclusion where even victory would be laced with the bitter taste of personal defeat.

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